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Are You Ready, Willing and Able to Buy a Home in Charlotte NC?

Are You Ready, Willing and Able to Buy a Home in Charlotte NC?Are you Ready, Willing and Able to Buy a Charlotte NC

Are you thinking about buying a home in Charlotte NC?  If so, are you ready, willing and able to buy a home?  In today's real estate market, it make sense financially, logistically AND emotionally to be capable of closing the deal BEFORE you find your dream home.  It is heart-breaking and often costly to find the perfect home (willing), only to find that you are not ready and able to buy that home!

So what is a ready, willing and able home buyer?

A READY Home Buyer

  • A home buyer who has spoken with a lender and obtained pre-approval (BEFORE looking at homes!)  A good lender will pull credit, verify income and assets, and help the buyer determine a comfortable budget for their new mortgage.
  • A buyer who is gainfully employed and can qualify for a mortgage, or who has enough money to pay CASH for the home.
  • A buyer who doesn't have home he MUST sell first in order to buy another one.  Sellers are much less likely in this market to accept a contingent offer on their home for sale, especially if the buyer's home is not even on the market!  
A WILLING Home Buyer
  • A buyer who is SERIOUS about about buying a home, and is not out "just looking" to see what's out there.
  • A buyer who has identified his/her needs and wants in a home or neighborhood, and has shared those ideas with a trusted Realtor.  A buyer who is willing to prioritize needs and wants will be able to focus on the right neighborhoods and homes.
  • A buyer who will make an offer on a home when he/she finds the right one.  Buying a home is often the biggest purchase someone will ever make.  A willing buyer understands the process and is emotionally ready to sign on the big closing day!
An ABLE Buyer
  • The most important - the buyer is pre-approved for a mortgage or has loan commitment for the purchase price of the home.  An able buyer doesn't just assume that he/she can afford a home!
  • An able buyer has provided pay stubs, tax returns, bank/investment statements, verification of employment, credit report...and has passed muster with the underwriters!  This process can take a while, and an able buyer has provided all the documentation requested by the lender
  • The buyer has sufficient funds for a down payment and closing costs, either through savings or other liquid assets, or through a gift that does not have to be re-paid.
  • The buyer is prepared to move forward with the terms and conditions of the purchase contract - including meeting deadlines for closing date and due diligence date. 
Ready, willing and able home buyers are highly sought-after in today's challenging real estate market!  Home sellers are more willing to accept offers from buyers who can demonstrate they are ready, willing and able to buy their home, and this puts buyers in a stronger negotiating position.  Finally, ready, willing and able buyers don't waste time, effort and money looking at homes they can't afford!
So, are YOU a ready, willing and able buyer?  If not, I highly recommed that you contact Rebecca Madej of Cunningham & Co. Mortgage and ask her about her Buyer Ready Program.  Once you are buyer-ready, you and I can confidently move forward to buy a great home for sale in Charlotte!


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