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How to Prepare Your Home for a Sale When First Impression Counts


Sellers - here's a great blog post by Loreena Yeo of Frisco, TX, on getting your home ready to go on the market.

Creating a great first impression is KEY with today's PICKY BUYERS!  As Loreena says, you won't get a second chance to make a first impression.  Many of these tips simply involve time and elbow grease.

Put these recommendations into place, price your home correctly, and you strongly increase your chances of receiving an offer!

Thanks, Loreena!


The home selling business is a very serious business - especially in today's buyers' market. Buyers have not been very forgiving lately. Once they come through your home and if it is not at its top condition, they just turn around and walk out. No second chances in this home selling business. Hence, it is important to make sure you do not overlook even at the smallest nooks in your home. Here are some tips in how to prepare your home when first impression counts:

Curb Appeal in Exterior Landscaping

  • Add top soil and lots of mulch. There’s nothing like a fresh coat of mulch to show the buyers you care about the little details of your home.
  • Add lavish colored annuals in flowerbeds so Buyers can start appreciating the yard while waiting for the agent to open the door.
  • Mow yard regularly and make sure lawn looks well-manicured and groomed.
  • As spring begins to start, double bag the fertilizer. Get it started soon.
  • Make sure yard is weed-free including the flowerbeds.

Front Door/ Front porch

  • Clean and polish the front door until it shines. First impression counts.
  • Power wash the porch and walls.
  • Front porch is clean. Also look up and remove dirt, spider webs, etc.
  • Check to make sure door is easy to unlock. If not, lubricate it.
  • Remove hoses.
  • Replace broken door bell, if applicable.

Foyer/ Hallway

  • Coat closet - Remove clothing and items so buyers can view how much storage is in there.

Formal Living/ Great Room/ Formal Dining

  • If there are too much furniture, remove and simplify.
  • Remove children's toys
  • Use greenery/ silk plants to draw the eye in.
  • Put a large artwork above the fireplace (rather than small items).


  • It is a HUGE reason why buyers buy one house versus another.
  • Polish the kitchen cabinets until they shine.
  • Declutter and leave no items on the countertops. [Hint: Selling kitchen counterspace, not your items.]
  • Kitchen pantry - All cans and items turned in one direction and in neat rows. Yes, be obsessive compulsive. Be Mr. Monk!

Master Bedroom/ Bathroom

  • Showcase it as if it is a retreat. Minimize furniture.
  • Clear bathroom countertops.
  • Store toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels away.
  • Bathroom shower must be clean and spotless.
  • Remove perfume bottles and jewelry. They are more distractions to buyers.
  • Closets must be neat and with minimal clothing. Color coordinate the clothes. It will leave a long lasting impression with buyers.
  • Do the same with linens and towels. Make sure they are folded beautifully and neatly stored away. Buyers will think - if you cared about the little things, what more would you care about the house.


The great/family room, kitchen and master bedrooms are the most important rooms in the home. It must be showcased meticulously and give no reason to buyers not to write an offer for the house. Nothing beats a clean house. If your property is exceptionally clean, you probably beat half your competition. Either pay for a professional clean, or get it steam-cleaned yourself. Power wash the exterior and porches, clean the ceiling fans, vents, ledges, baseboards and make sure they are kept dust-free during your buyers' visits.



Loreena Yeo and 3:16 team REALTY employ the Systematic Market Approach to Home Selling in the greater Frisco TX areas. We have successfully sold every single home we listed today, except for one. The homeowner who became very ill decided not to sell his house until his health gets better. Read satisfied client testimonials of the Systematic Market Approach Home Marketing plan.


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How to Prepare Your Home for a Sale When First Impression Counts
Sellers - here's a great blog post by Loreena Yeo of Frisco, TX on getting your home ready to go on the market. Creating a great first impression is KEY with today's PICKY BUYERS! As Loreena says, you won't get a second chance to… more
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